Flip Images

How to flip images?



Shows “Open files” dialog, which allows you to select the images, which you want to flip.


Removes selected image from the collection of images which you want to flip.

Remove all images

Removes all images from the collection of images which you want to flip.

Recursive Image Loading

Allows to load images recursively. Now you can select folders. All images will be loaded from the selected folder and it’s subfolders. For example, if you select to load a folder “Photos” and “Photos” folder contains subfolders “Vacation” & “Work”, all the images from “Vacation”, “Work” & “Photos” will be loaded.


Opens up a setup panel, which allows to configure flip parameters.

Loaded Images

This is the place where you can have a look at the images, which you plan to flip. P.S. No duplicates here. You cannot load the same image twice.

Progress Bar

Shows the progress of current flip operation.

Flipped Images Count

The app keeps count, of how many images you have flipped.

Average Image Flip Duration

The app keeps track, the average duration of image flip.

Step by step guide

1. Click “Add” button to add images.

2. Select images, which you want to flip and click “Select”.

3. After all the images, that you want to flip are loaded, click “Flip” button.

4. Choose how to flip the images and in the “Output settings”, choose file type and whether to “Export to..” flipped images to a folder or to “Overwrite originals”.
If you export to the same directory where the images are located, they will be overwritten.

5. Click “Start”, wait until all images are flipped blazingly fast 🙂