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Increase SEO rating: tools to test website speed

By September 12, 2017No Comments

I bet all of you have heard a lot about organic search results, what you need to do to appear higher and so on. One of the most suggested things is to improve your site speed. Your site needs to be blazing fast and without any errors.

How to test your website speed?

There are some free tools on the internet which do that.


One of our old time favorites is GTmetrix. It displays details such as page size, load time, requests. Also, displays arreas where you need to improve, such as Inline small JavaScript, Minify JavaScript, Minify CSS and so on. It displays recommendations for PagesSpeed(used by Google). Optimise your site accordingly to rank higher in Google Organic Search. GTmetrix shows a YSlow score and optimisations. This is same really good information, which helps to find blind spots on your site. What I really like, is the Waterfall. It shows how your website is being loaded, what files are loaded after what.


tools.pingdom.com is another great tool to find suggestions and recommendations to improve site speed. It shows a Google’s PageSpeed performance score, which is probably the only thing that matters when it comes to online search. I love the way Pingdom displays grouped information like content size by content type, or requests by content type. These really do come handy, when you need to decrease image to script ration. File requests section is similar to GTmetrix waterfall, except I would prefer to use the Pingdom one. It makes everything so much more understandable when analysing a website. One of the Pingdom benefits – you can select the test location. This helps a lot when you want to test your cloud hosting.

All in all, GTmetrix is a good starting point for optimising your website, but I would still go to Pingdom to finish the job. These free tools allow you to analyse the load speed of of your website and learn how to make them faster. They let you identify what about a web page is fast, slow or even too big, what best practices you’re not following, and so on. These free website speed analysis tools are useful to experts as well as novices.

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