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April 11, 2018 in Blog, Business tools

Absolutely free accounting software for small businesses online

Have you been running a small business? Want to keep track of your income and expenses? (more…)
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March 29, 2018 in Blog, Graphic Design, Web Design

7 free lesser known online SVG editors (number 6 will probably amaze you)

SVG¬†- scalable vector graphics, a must in web technology. It saves precious bandwidth and makes images sharp. Here are templatesHero.com favourite free online SVG editors.…
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November 20, 2017 in Blog

Slow graphics performance on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13

Is your Mac running slower than it should after the update to High Sierra? We figured out that installing NVIDIA driver solves the issue for…
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October 23, 2017 in Blog

Time-saving Secret Keyboard Combinations

Bright Side has put together a list of all the hot key combinations that will certainly come in handy for every Windows and OS X…
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