Probably everyone of us have struggled with generating a color scheme for a client. We have this problem from time to time. There are some online tools which solve this issue. – a nice tool to generate color palette. You can lock colors and generate new ones until you are satisfied with the result.

Adobe Color CC – a nice selection of color palettes, you can edit and change them, but I find it quite hard to generate new palettes. I like the ability to see the most popular ones.

Material Colors – a good place to start for some bright colors.

Flat UI Colors – if you need a starting point for flat colors. Don’t forget to explore flat colors used by

Toptal Patterns – place to start looking at patterns

Brand Colors – ever wanted to know what colors are used by AirBnb or Amazon? Here is a list of official brand color codes.

The Days Color – color palettes for inspiration. – a good place to start, if you know what I mean. But what I really loved – color combinations. This can help choosing colors that go together.


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